This Silver Sponsorship is by application only but once this lucky Laws of Life sponsor is approved, payment for the sponsorship can be made.  The Application can be found in the BLOG PAGE called Paid Sponsorship Application.

The Silver Sponsor is the honorable food and beveridge sponsor and they will receive 2 levels of exposure (DIGITAL AND LIVE) during the marketing of the Mastermind event.

(1) Social Media Exposure:

- The Silver Sponsor will have a choice of receiving a videotaped "pre-interview" with Blanca Greenstein that is 2 minutes in length which will be boosted for 4 weeks through paid Facebook advertising on the Laws of Life Page.  Alternatively, the Silver Sponsor can also choose a photograph ad instead of the video interview that will again be boosted for 4 weeks through paid Facebook advertising.

- The Silver Sponsor will be on all invitations both in physical mail and in social media including EventBrite and Facebook.

(2)  The Mastermind:

- The Silver Sponsor will have their Pop Up Banner (that they produce) to the RIGHT of the Mastermind Live Stage.

- The Silver Sponsor will be mentioned in opening comments of the Live Show and throughout the Mastermind Event.

- The Silver Sponsor can also have a 6 foot table to display their goods, brochures and business cards

- The Silver Sponsor can also have their swag in the swag bag of the Mastermind

- The Silver Sponsorship includes 4 individual tickets of membership

(3)  After the Mastermind

- The Sponsor shall receive a fully edited version of their LIVE INTERVIEW that they can use forever on their website and social media sites.  (This has a value of $800 alone)

- Additional Social Media Exposure will continue thanking the Sponsor for their support of this incredible event.