The Laws of Life with Blanca Press Release!

INTERNATIONAL ONLINE ZOOM EVENT/PALM BEACH CONNECTED (2021) The Laws of Life with Blanca has invited all Singers and Actors across the globe for The 150 Second Singer and Actor Showcase and the Laws of Life Networking Group which will be held on Zoom on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021, at 11 am EST on Zoom Link  

The Showcase and Networking Event is Hosted by Blanca Greenstein, J.D., Marc Siegel, CEO of Quantum Performance CBD and Skyline Skyline, a fearless moderator Greenstein met on Clubhouse.      

 The Laws of Life, debuted its weekly Laws of Life Networking Event in October 2019 with in person events at The Farmers Table in Boca Raton Florida that provided a grand venue for 50-70 entrepreneurs every single Tuesday.  

Once the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, the group pivoted quickly to Zoom meetings.  This weekly event attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world including international networker Mike Armstrong, Tony P’s Networking Event and Marc Siegel’s Spectacular Small Business Facebook Group.  

As my friend Marc always says, there has been a “merger of ecosystems as we join together at Laws of Life and merge all of our networking groups acting for the benefit of all.”   It was then decided for the April 13, 2021 event to add a twist of entertainment by creating a Singer and Actor Showcase as an added bonus to our weekly produced Laws of Life Networking and Webcasting Group.  

Blanca, an international talk show host and former attorney of 26 years will also interview Sho-time in front of the group to inspire everyone in the room to follow their dreams.   After meeting famous battle rapper Sho-time on the wildly popular social media app Clubhouse, Blanca messaged Sho-time on Instagram and the two became friends.  Sho-time agreed to introduce his creative community to the Laws of Life community and be the guest of honor where he will also be interviewed live in the Laws of Life Networking audience.  Sho-time stepped up.  

He brought in Music Marketing genius Christian Santamaria and within minutes, sixteen (16) guest sponsors jumped on board to award the winning singer and actor prizes for the winning performance.  One of the gift sponsors is 15 year old teenager Jordan Santamaria who at the age of 15 has become a seasoned videographer and donated a 30 second edited video of the winning artist to use for their ever developing portfolio.   

The Winning Singer and Actor will receive 2 radio show interviews with United Kingdom Radio Host Eli Dapson and USA Radio Host Osodiva.  The Winners will also be interviewed by Medium, a highly respected artistic online blog, Authority Magazine and The Loop, the Laws of Life online digital magazine.  

The winners will also receive a professionally produced “beat” by highly respected producer Farokondatrack, uploaded to the Sho-Time Spotify playlist, uploaded to the Christian Santamaria playlist, a jar of Quantum Performance CBD gummies, A Soulsticesky custom face mask not to mention Stacy Rosman and Gilat Khorsandi, Podcast hosts of Empowered by Adversity offering Renu 28.  Fashion Sponsor Scheberer New York is providing a T-shirt to the winning singer and actor.  An added bonus? Being featured on Sho-times highly respected website and added to his Spotify playlist is an added sprinkle on the cupcake. 

Bonus Story:  Last night, just as Jayshree Mallaya finished celebrating her 51st birthday in South Africa, she sent a video of a song she wrote that was performed by Yashna International. The song, written on behalf of non-profit Over The Walls by Jayshree, touched Blanca igniting her to invite them to immediately enter the showcase. Blanca also jumped on a live and the two became fast friends.

 Link to spontaneous interview:  

Link to complete song on You Tube:  The song is aptly called “Hands Around The World”.      

About Blanca:  The Founder of Laws of Life is media mogul producing webcasts, podcasts, customized social media and online publications.  Blanca also hosts her weekly Laws of Life networking event attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world.  This event is open to the world and there is no fee to attend.  

The Zoom link is

After the event concludes, there are also 4 free classes.  

1:30 – 2:00 pm Christian is teaching marketing strategies for singers and authors.  From 2-3 pm, Mike Armstrong is teaching SEO Strategies.  From 3-4 pm, Lizeth Alvarado (host of The Laws of Epic  Beauty, a show produced by Laws of Life) is teaching Instagram secrets.  From 4-5 pm, Blanca is teaching how to elevate an online event using social media.