Epic Webcast Sponsorship - 3 month purchase   $599

Epic Webcast Sponsorship - 3 month purchase $599

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Laws of Life, LLC has a goal - to acquire maximum exposure for our sponsors:

  • Provide 2 webcasts per month to Sponsor. Approval of Sponsorship is at hte complete discretion of Laws of Life.
  • Sponsor shall receive 4 minutes for each of the two webcasts provided to her to talk about her company . Sponsor will also receive a complimentary promotion of her sponsorship announcing it to the Laws of Life platform!
  • As an act of kindness and at the discretion of Laws of Life, LLC, Sponsor shall also receive 4 minutes to introduce her charity of choice at no charge for each webcast but only for the month of June to see how charity does during the 2 webcasts in the month of June or two times during the 90 day period of her sponsorship.
  • Sponsor shall be included in social media posts for selected webcast as the official sponsor of the webcast(s)
  • Sponsor shall be included in the Laws of Life newsletter when distributed which is generally once per month and at times more if there is more news to report.
  • Sponsor will also be included in the blog of webcast they select if host creates one
  • Sponsor will also be identified as the sponsor of webcast on the Laws of Life website lawsoflife.shop.
  • Sponsor will also be recognized in the quarterly press release which will be disbursed by June 30, 2020.
  • Sponsor understands that Laws of Life has full discretion to delete any webcasts if they do not conform to the standards of the Laws of Life company or if technical error occurs. If this does occur, then Sponsor will make herself available for a “make up” of the webcast.
  • Sponsor understands that assistance with PowerPoint development or additional consulting, additional fees may apply. PowerPoints are $65 per hour 
  • Sponsor understands that the show is broadcast live on The Laws of Life with Blanca Facebook page. Should Sponsor wish for the show to be broadcast on the social media channels of Sponsor, then additional fees shall apply.
  • Sponsor understands that the $200 fee is to GO LIVE and does not include script writing, editing or recording and then restreaming. If Sponsor wishes to record and then go live, there is a $25.00 fee.  If Sponsor wishes to record, edit and then go live, there is a fee of $65 per hour for editing.

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