Laws of Life Webcast Program ($599 plus tax)

Laws of Life Webcast Program ($599 plus tax)

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The Laws of Life Webcast Program is an extraordinary opportunity to become a professional webcaster and become a part of a professional community.

This package includes the following components:

(1)  4 webcasts per week for a maximum of 15 minutes each.  (Therefore, if it is a 5 week month and the webcaster wants a 5th webcast, then the charge is $50 for the additional webcast that must be paid in advance.)

(2)  The Laws of Life Team will engineer your 15 minute webcast.

(3)  The Laws of Life Team will incorporate up to 15 minute Powerpoint slides into your webcast.  (Additional slides are $2.00 each per additional Powerpoint slide)

(4)  The Laws of Life Team will invite you to the weekly Laws of Life Webcasting Club that is 60-90 minutes each week depending upon the volume of attendees and questions asked.  It is a MINIMUM of 60 minute per week and it is currently scheduled for every Wednesday at 9:00 am and takes place on a Zoom video conference.

(5)  The design, writing or editing of your Powerpoint is NOT INCLUDED.  However, you can attend the supplemental workshop on Powerpoint for only $20.00 or watch Blanca's pre-recorded tutorial on Powerpoint.  

(6)  Your 15 minute webcast will be streamed live on THE LAWS OF LIFE WITH BLANCA Facebook page. You can then SHARE it on to YOUR Facebook page, you tube channel or website.  To stream on your own channel. there is a set up fee of $99.

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