Webcast Coaching Club (Group Coaching Only) - $100 per month

Webcast Coaching Club (Group Coaching Only) - $100 per month

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Join a very special visionary community with the Laws of Life Webcast Coaching Club!

This monthly fee includes the following components:

1 - 90 minutes of group coaching every week which is held on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm but times are subject to change depending on trainer.

During your group training coaching session, you will be taught how to:

1 - Perfect your pitch and how you describe your vision

2 - Create Scripts for your webcasts or presentations

2 - Create and sculpt segments for your show to attract your target prospective customer

3 -  Interview guests and find their mission

4 -  Identify sponsors to pay for your marketing budget to showcase YOU

This will be an experience and journey you will never forget.  These groups do require you to create your OWN Powerpoint which will be digitized and graphically displayed during your live stream.  You can learn PowerPoint or pay Laws of Life to create it for you!


This package does NOT include the webcasts or the engineering portion.

NO REFUNDS of this product are provided.


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